Friday, October 28, 2011

Costume Mini Sessions

The mini sessions were so fun! The only bad part...the gnats were horrible at 4 and right when they got better the sun set - REALLY FAST at which point I ran out of space on my card and needed to get some pictures off...I really need to invest in a new card for back up!! And this is why I'm not a "professional" - ha! I was super sad that I only got a few of Holly Rose and JR's pictures are done in the flood lights of Kendra's house. I had 12 groups in 2.5 hours - each group got 10 pictures. Again, except Holly Rose - Boo! I seem to really stress out at these but I think everyone was happy. I hope they were. I hope it was worth the money they spent!

Here are my favorite pictures from each group:

Thank you so much friends for coming out yesterday! The kids were all so cute!
Happy Halloween!

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Silena Cvacho said...

They are all great!! Good job!! I love that puppy and little JR!!! Maybe we'll get some on Halloween like these?! :)
Love ya, Silena