Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm always scared to meet with Anna's teachers. It's one of those love her or leave her types of relationships. But it was time to meet her and talk about Anna's progress in school. Anna is super smart and she makes me so proud - she's just wild like her momma and granny! That blood runs so thick!

Here are her teachers comments...

Anna is full of life. She is always happy and energetic. She is a good friend to her classmates. Anna is enjoying reading and has done a good job selecting books to read. She usues her reading time wisely. Anna is doing well in math and understands all concepts presented to this point. I am encouraging Anna to slow down and check her writing to eliminate careless mistakes. I would also like to see her use her best handwriting. Please encourage Anna to master her math facts by practicing them at home. Anna is a pleasure to teach.

I love you Anna, Mrs. Pearson said you were made for the stage and you were gonna make me proud! And you have so far! She loves you - she told me! Thank you Lord that our kids are happy at our school. They are learning and growing so much, they truely amaze me everyday. Beyond thankful for 4 beautiful blessings that surround me everyday!!

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