Sunday, October 16, 2011

Choir Party

I have really loved singing in the Choir. I have not sung in a GOOD choir in a very long time. Forgot I loved it so much! During Easter I joined and I really loved singing with Lori and Joni ... I felt like I really got to know them during that time - we worked hard together and shared A LOT of laughs! Nothing funnier than just not getting your part right!

Now we are gathered again for Christmas! Our little section has grown... I just love it! Our music is so upbeat and fun to sing! And Sherry is doing an amazing job leading us! I really appreciate her stepping up to the plate and leading us. I love singing harmonies and actually sounding good. I know we are annoying at times because we mess up so bad it's funny - thanks for letting us enjoy ourselves!

And speaking of enjoying ourselves Sherry had us all over for dinner and s'mores Saturday! We had a blast...just look at Izzy! He liked the s'mores!!

Sherry - I love you so much! I want to be just like you when I grow up. Such a servant at heart, very creative, sweet, loving, and so tuned in to the Lord. I love to hear you pray and I take much comfort in knowing you pray for us.

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