Saturday, September 10, 2011


It's that time of year again, but a little later this time (ha)! Our church had another Yardsale - this time proceeds go to paying off the gym. We always have such a great time and we are always surprised at all the stuff we can come up with! I think our total this year was around $2000. And I found this... I got 4 new dresses and a pair of shoes courtesy of MINDY!! HELLO... Why were they in the church yardsale and not already hanging in my closet?!? MINDY!!! Write it down... Your "old" stuff belongs to me!! Anyway, love, love, love!!

Then after all that! Shea and I took the girls to the fabric store to buy fabric for blankets. Riley wanted me to make one - it's gonna be a while. I have Asher's but I need to make Addy's and now Riley wants one and Anna wants one that matches Riley's (what have I gotten myself into). While we waited to have our fabric cut we played in all the Halloween stuff! SO MUCH FUN! It's such a GREAT time of the year! I still have no idea what to be...but I'm on the lookout!

Then we headed to the Galleria for dinner! We had so much fun chatting and eating - then we topped the night off with injuries!! Shea fell in some water in the food court. I totally missed it. Glad I did, I probably would have cried! She was so graceful. THEN, there was a Kiosk with all the sunglasses on sale for $5 - I wanted a pair and I tried on several and then I poked my eye with a tag that was on a pair of sunglasses. OUCH!! It wasn't just, I poked my eye, it was a for real injury!! I got a paper cut on my eye! So, now my eye is hurting and watering. It really is amazing how sensitive eyes are!!

Thanks Shea for such a fun and painful outing...Also, left without a pair of sunglasses...BOO!

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