Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photoshoot & a Date!

My cousins Josh (and Shannon) and Nate (and Jamie) live out in Springville/Argo area. A couple from their church wanted me to take pictures of their family! They wanted to take pictures where I took Josh and Shannon's at the very beginning of summer. Which is a beautiful place out in Argo with a little pond ... here are their pictures. Loved this place! When we went with JandS we didn't meet anyone - I didn't even see a house when we went. This time the Chaver's took us to the house. We got to meet the Lambert's who so graciously let us roam their land on a golf cart picking anywhere we wanted for a picture! SO FUN! I had no plan...I was just stopping and going the whole time! My only regret...ONLY was starting so early...which was partly my fault. I thought for sure we could find some shade but the pictures turned out great considering just how bright and beautiful it was outside. And get this...The Lambert's said I was welcome back anytime...NICEST PEOPLE!! And, another plus...he's a retired we got to chat about cameras, lens, lighting, all things lovely!!

So thank you so much Ken Lambert... You are super nice to us strangers! And, thank you Chaver's for asking me to take pictures of your beautiful family...I can't get enough of those red head girls with bright blue eyes - just BEAUTIFUL!! AND, thank you Josh and Shannon and Jamie and Nate for always throwing my name out there as a "photographer" - we all know the true story!

And as if that wasn't fun enough. Jason and I roaming land with a bunch of strangers on a beautiful day with perfect weather...

we got to go on a DATE afterwards! We enjoyed a NICE QUIET evening at OUTBACK where we stuffed ourselves - but it was worth it... and it was protein, so I justify!

Thank you Matt for babysitting the kids! You did a great job, props to you for putting Isaac to bed! I was super impressed... and as long as you don't tell Rey (& Crystal)...They thought you were funner.

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