Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh, Thursday Funday, HOW I LOVE YOU!

Thursday's are ALWAYS fun to me if I'm at work and Julie is with me! We have a Thursday lunch we go to every Thursday and we share lots of laughs and generally just have a great time OUT OF THE OFFICE! Great little get away.

Julie and I are taking active steps to becoming thinner and healthier. I've been walking on the elliptical everyday this month (only missing 4 days I think). It's been fun. I watch 2 episodes of the office on Netflix and walk away! I've seen some progress - 3 pounds gone an at least an inch maybe 2 (I haven't measured again lately). It's been a nice September Challenge.

So, Thursday we headed to lunch and while looking for an up close parking space I told Julie we should park in the very back of the parking lot and EXCERCISE! She, taking me seriously, did it!! Yes, we were the only one parked out as far as one could park! That T-TINY silver car in the back of the picture! That's us!

And, that's me LOVING IT!!
Making real lasting changes in my everyday healthier lifestyle. Should I tell you we were headed to Mellow Mushroom? Nah...

My favorite part of Funday Thursday this week was meeting up with Julie at Publix and doing our Emealz shopping together! That may have to become a tradition!!

Another Funday Thursday in the history books!

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