Sunday, September 11, 2011


If you know my kids this is a MUST see!!! Jason and I got to go out on a date with Craig and Mary a couple of weeks ago. SPONTANEOUS...LAST MINUTE...NEEDED A BABYSITTER! I called Rey and Crystal just hoping they could do it - I knew Crystal wasn't going to be too excited about it if Rey didn't come so thankfully he agreed. And while we were out with Craig and Mary we were having such a great time but we were kinda worried (not about the kids) but that Rey and Crystal were spending the Friday night "babysitting" - boo!! We were thinking what a bummer...but then they showed me this!!

No more worries!! They apparently "got this" and were just fine! And this is why we love Rey and Crystal!! Thanks for loving our kids guys! You are such good friends! We love ya so much!!


Shalita said...


About 1 1/2 minutes into the video I was thinking I want Crystal and Rey to come babysit my girls and THEN Princess Pork Chop entered the picture...I honestly think she would traumatize my girls! :) I just hope I can sleep tonight!!!

Isaac absolutely cracked me up!! Monkey Man was pretty cool! Anna is such an actress, but we have always known she was full of "drama queen!" And Mary, well Mary is just a princess!!!

I am looking forward to Crystal and Rey babysitting again! Maybe there will be a sequel...

Jae said...

This is hilarious. Oh, Anna, how I love that dramatic child! I am glad you have a enough children to make a whole movie!