Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well, Hurricane Lee has come through this week! It was so fun at first because it was rainy and it was Labor Day so we got to sleep late and enjoy the inside! It was such a restful day. We slept late, took naps, watched tv, and just plain HUNG OUT! Mom and Dad came over Monday night because their power had gone out. Now, I had no idea it was that bad. They weren't at our house for an hour before ours went out! BUMMER!! I really hate when the power goes out but I tried my hardest to enjoy it. It just makes me so thankful for the time we live in. It's amazing how crippled we become when the power goes off. HOW DID THEY DO IT IN THE OLDEN DAYS?!? HOW?!? Anyway, we were SUPER thankful for the cooler temperatures. We opened the windows and went to sleep to the sound of wind and rain. One thing I miss about living in a house is the RAIN! It seems I never hear it. Sad.

Tuesday all the schools were closed (except Vestavia) so Noah and Anna headed to school and we were still powerless. Briarwood was closed because they didn't have power either. So Jason and I made the most of the day together. We went to lunch together with the babies (with the giftcard I won for my HulaHooping skills) and then took them to see Kung Fu Panda 2. It meant so much to me that Jason spent the day with us. He is always so busy and it was nice just to hang out with him and the babies.

When we got home...POWER!! And all was well in the world again!!

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