Friday, September 16, 2011

I thought this day would never come!

HONESTLY!! I thought the girl would NEVER stop! My mom FINALLY retired. Not by choice but the Lord has been so gracious to her! I'm so proud of what a hard worker she is! When she was 17 my grandmother signed for her to get a job with South Central Bell in Atlanta (I'm pretty sure that is one of my grandmother's favorite stories) and since 1969 she has been employed with the same company. She doesn't like change either, see where I get it from. She was working towards staying until she was 62 ... which was about 2 years from now. But, they are closing her department and it all worked out to where she will basically get the same pay until she is 62 at which point she can draw social security and such! THAT.IS.AMAZING!! I can just see God's hand all in this. Bellsouth was a GREAT company for mom but when AT&T bought them they have closed several offices and have worked everyone to death with mandatory overtime. It was such long days and even weekends! It got to the point where she couldn't be off when she wanted too and it definitely wasn't as flexible as it once was. She was constantly exhausted and it was just ridiculous. Several times she said, "I just could not have done this (overtime) if y'all were still little." So there again the Lord was gracious. And I promise you she thought it was some kind of competition. I think had the place not shut down she would have made it to 62 and then said, "I'm gonna see just how many years of service I can get!" I can hear it now. "I'm 62 years one is gonna tell ME when to retire!" LOVE MY MOM!!

Mom, I'm super proud of you! Thank you for all you have done for us. I'm thankful you've had such a steady and secure job all these years (those are hard to find these days). A job on most days you enjoyed going to... You taught me there is more to work than the WORK, it's the people and relationships - spending time with the people the Lord has placed around you. Most definitely you've taught me to make the most of every situation!!! You just make me so proud. I hope you enjoy your days off. If you ever want to get away from Dad you just come over to my house and play with us! And, I'm sure Silena will take you in when you get tired of us! We know how to wear a person DOWN! I'm so excited to see you get involved with Bible studies and planning your retreat and helping Dad babysit. You won't know how you ever worked. It's YOUR time mom!! LIVE IT UP!! Love you so much!!!!!! YOU.ARE.THE.BEST!!

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Jen said...

I love how God works things out for our good!