Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drama Revealed!!

Tonight we "revealed" this year's drama. It's "Christmas at Uncle Phil's Diner: No Room at the Diner." I'm so excited! I did have a panic attack about 2 weeks ago when I thought we just couldn't do this if I was gonna be in charge. And, that is why I love the one and only Sandra Muir who lovingly - VERY LOVINGLY told me she believed in me and the cast was perfect!

Of course, I want everyone to like the drama but the response I got last night was so encouraging. You see, there is some background information I need to share. Sandra Muir has been the Drama director for years. No one tells her "NO" and she is all business. Well, she really wanted to quit last year but I told her I would help her if she just WOULD NOT QUIT - so she gave me plays to pick from, she let me cast the thing but when it came to practices she was all boss! And we LOVE her. So, this year she said I had to do it or there would be no drama! And then everyone said, "we have to have a drama!" Trust me I tried to say we weren't gonna do anything. So once again, these people have pushed me out of my little box of being a follower and making me be a leader. THANKFULLY my cast is very fun loving and ready to have a good time.

So, back to the point. I was panicked because this year we are doing a Dinner Theater with lots of audience interaction. I was scared I would get the, "We've never done this thing before," "Not sure how this is gonna work," "I don't want to participate" - and much to my dismay...I GOT NONE OF THAT!! Everyone was up for the challenge. Everyone, as far as I could tell, liked their parts and they are already thinking of ways to become their character. Ahhh.... warm my heart!! I love my cast - I can't wait to see what they come up with. I did have 1 NO (out of about 20 people)... From Tanner McGinnis and I promise - he WILL regret it!! We already recasted him - that fast!! See, AMAZING PEOPLE! Tanner...YOU WILL REGRET!!! HA HA HA!

I do want to thank them all for being so supportive, encouraging, and cheering me on to excellence. It's so weird for me to be leading something... So, here we go on another GREAT adventure...

REY, I do want a promotional video!

And my friends far and near... You will all be invited to the Diner, Dec. 18th.

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