Monday, September 19, 2011


Today Jason and I met with Noah's teacher. Noah has made me so proud. He just loves his school so much and his teacher Mrs. Penaskovic is PERFECT for him. She is very nice, loves teaching, she is very attentive to her students and their needs. She had all great things to say about him. She said he is doing very well in school and that just makes me so proud. We talked about other conferences we had had with other teachers and the things we needed to work on with him and he has made such great improvements.

She said he is adjusting so well and choosing "good" friends. We once again got the compliments about how nice and polite he is, how he is really just an all around good kid! I LOVE HEARING that from teachers. That has been a running theme so far through his years of school. Just makes me so proud. But before you think I'm bragging about my parenting skills... it has nothing to do with me...It's just him, he has a great heart! Trust me - I have other kids that are not like him!! I don't get those same compliments, ahem, her name is Anna! Who today is in trouble at school for yelling in the hall. And who is constantly getting her bones, pins, smiley faces, whatever moved around and changed. ha!! LOVE THAT BALL OF ENERGY TOO!!

But back to Noah!

Noah you just have made me so proud. I'm so proud of you and I know you are working so hard, and I also know you really don't want to do all that is required of you in school, you would rather be outside playing with your friends, riding your skateboard, or yo-yoing but you are working hard and I notice it's "work" - I'm very proud of you!! I love you and I thank the Lord for you and all that he is teaching me through you!!

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