Saturday, August 6, 2011

Store up... Treasures in Heaven

This afternoon our family watched 8 homes be totally engulfed in flames - right across the street. My heart is so sadden for our neighbors! One home that was destroyed was one of Noah's friends. The boy who taught him how to skate board. We heard the sirens and didn't think anything about them, but they didn't stop. Anna went to her room and looked out the window - she said, "There is a fire across the street!" We looked out the window, because that just didn't seem possible. And sure enough smoke was coming out from behind the apartments. Noah's first words were, "OH I FEEL TERRIBLE!! THAT IS MCKALE'S HOUSE! MY BEST FRIEND, THE ONE WHO TAUGHT ME HOW TO SKATEBOARD!" My heart broke for Noah. We watched with his friend as their house burned! But, McKale is such a nice kid, he is older than Noah and is always so patient with him. He is also very polite to us. We went outside when we saw Mckale, and he told us someone knocked on their door yelling fire...he didn't even grab his shoes he said. Later he said, "My room is right there...I don't see any flames in there." Little did we know flames were sweeping the whole building. The firemen were so amazing...they would dress go in (they saved some animals - there were NO injuries! So thankful!) come out trade with someone, they worked so well together and NO ONE panicked!

We could see smoke coming from the houses but when the roof caved in it was pretty scary. We could feel intense heat from the blaze. Smoke billowed up so much at times you could not even see the raised ladder. I have to admit it looked like things were going to be salvageable at first - all we could see was smoke. When you just see smoke you think it's bad but not SO bad...Noah was walking around talking to his friend. Well, when the roof caves in and you see the biggest flames you've ever seen... your heart sinks. And though things looked under control with the firemen there water raging from both sides- it didn't feel that way. Noah and Mary said, "Alright, I want to go in! I'm scared!" I kept the kids close after that! We all stayed in one room watching from our window.

Mom and Dad came over and picked us up and took us to dinner - just to somewhat remove the kids from the situation. It was a nice get away. It's hard not to think about what happened. First of all, What happened? Why them? Would I be weeping if it were us? Would I truly feel as though I have "stored up treasures in heaven"? My mind wanders, what can I do for my neighbors? How can I best show them the Love of Christ?

I ask you to pray with me for our neighbors! Pray the Lord will work in their lives. Pray the Lord can use us and Noah to show HIS love! Pray for Noah, he sad for his friend. He is sad he won't see him anymore (even though I think he will). Pray for the 8 families involved. Pray for our management team as they also have to deal with insurance and losses. Pray God will allow our hearts to trust HIM in all things! Pray for me as even now I have a hard time letting the kids sleep in their own rooms. Pray the Lord be gloried! Praise him that EVERYONE is safe! We even had pet rescues! Praise the Lord for firemen who are well trained and sacrifice themselves for others! Praise the Lord that he is in control!! Praise him!


Laine said...

Praying Page! Oh my, I know that must have been horrible and scary, and left you with mixed feelings of thankfulness and at the same time anxious for those poor families. If you can think of any way we can help, please let us know.
Love you!

Cindy Jones said...

We are praying! Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Trace Car Driver said...

oh wow... so sad and scary!! oh my goodness, i can not believe ya'll watched this happen. praying that god will continue to be glorified.

Silena Cvacho said...

I hate this happened!! So scary!! Praying for Noah's friend and his family!! Miss y'all! Love ya!