Thursday, August 25, 2011

GOOOOO Wildcats!

I changed my work schedule and so far I'm loving it! I work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday ... and I'm off Wednesday and Friday. It helps me get in a groove of waking up early and getting things done. I've only done it for a week now but I'm planning on keeping up the routine!

Wednesday, I got the house straight by 11 and then we went to the pool with my friend Julie. It was GREAT! No one was there..."we had the whole ourselves!" That is a little ditty Noah and Anna will occassionally sing. It was so nice to soak up the sun and the water was actually cool when we got in!

That night we had Cheer pictures! There are a group of girls cheering for Mcadory! They are the cutest things with a sassy little attitude. They all did so well! Their pictures made me smile so big as I edited them! I love these girls so much. I'm looking forward to watching them ALL grow up into beautiful Godly women! Lord, use me to plant your seeds of truth and the gospel in their hearts! Lord, use them to SHOUT your name!!

Y'all are adorable!

I had such a bad headache after this I couldn't get to editing them right away. But Mom's just know they made my week! I just look at these pictures and think of all the cute things they said and did and all their complaining and smile that they love me still!! I get the sweetest priviledge of capturing their lives! Pausing time for just a moment!

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