Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rickwood Caverns Picnic

Today, after church, we spent the day at Rickwood Caverns! We had a lot of fun, of course, we were with some of our favorite people! This year Liz brought my chips and tea - in exchange that we take Carson to the Caverns - at which point Shea got her GODDAUGHTER, Anna! I refrained from bringing beans and my pot to cook on an open fire this year. I was ready to own it per Mindy's advice! I was REALLY close to doing it but...I'm glad I didn't because the food was ready when we got there! I would have hated to wait for my beans to get done. WHOOP!

This year the food was not what the picnic was all about! We scarfed down the food and went swimming! We had to scarf it down because ALL the kids were asking to swim. The pool was where it was at this year! On a side note, I wish this pool was at our house. The water is FREEZING cave water!! It felt oh, so, delightful!!


Don't look so innocent!! You know you are responsible. MUD!

Lifegaurd on Duty!!


Take him D.O.W.N!

I think they all missed a career in diving!!

We had some braves souls! VERY BRAVE!

There were spectators! But why are they laughing?!?

That's why! up?!? Calling it quits!?!

WAIT... Corey hasn't had an eye injury! we've officially had a picnic! Exhausted?


I guess this was our big summer close-out celebration - and we celebrated! Time to take it to the house!


A special THANK YOU to Leslie for the fantastic picture taking!! You lucked out not wanting to get wet!! Love you!!

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Jason Dollar said...

It was a really fun day!