Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moody - Dollar Moody

We are reading the Judy Moody series. I think it's so cute - I love little Judy Moody. I feel like her today! ROAR! She is always so "moody" - I felt like because we didn't go to the Coke Factory or take the kids anywhere for that matter that they've had a BUMMER SUMMER! I'm especially feeling that way because Isaac got sick Sunday and stayed sick until Wednesday (the last few days of summer) so we didn't go anywhere...but we didn't have any money so I shouldn't blame him - we probably wouldn't have done anything anyway!

So, today I'm especially thankful for my blog...which reminded me - we had a NOT SO BUMMER SUMMER!

We did a lot of things, a lot of NOT SO BUMMER things, a lot of F-U-N things!

Days at Uncle Chad's Pool!!

Opening of Brianna Park and VBS!

Baseball & Dance

Birthday Parties!

Shocco Springs


A Trip to the country!

Anna headed to Six Flags

Movies in the Park

Lunches at Johnny Rockets with Crystal!

Dad returns from Peru!


Rickwood ... and lots of other things!!

Thank you blog for reminding me of what a GREAT summer we had!!

Thank you Lord for allowing us to do all we did. Thank you for the sweet friends we got to share a lot of time with! Thank you for SUMMER TIME Lord!! You always know just what is good for us!!

The things I am bummed about is not spending NEAR ENOUGH time with my sister. Not spending near enough time with Delilah (though the kids did - I did not). Not bowling enough, not going to the Coke Factory... I guess every summer can't be the BEST summer! Don't tell the kids, but Jason and I had a FABULOUS summer - maybe that's what I feel bad about - I went to the beach 2 times and Jason went to Peru. Summer is too short, really! Give us 3 more weeks and we could have done more!! I hate hate hate when summer is over! HATE IT!! Good bye summer of 2011 - Goodbye lazy summer days, it was fun (though not over the top), relaxing (though busy at times) - Until we meet again sweet summertime!!

Already looking forward to SUMMER 2012.

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