Thursday, August 18, 2011


We had so say "see ya soon" to Jasmine Wednesday night at church. Such.A.Bummer!! We love her so much - every one of us!

Jasmine is finishing her last year at New Tribes Mission in Michigan! We are excited for her and we try to keep the happy face - but it's hard! We are trusting God's plan for her life as a missionary where ever the Lord sends her. I can't help but thank the Lord for all our modern technology!! If we miss her we just hop on facebook and it's like she's right down the road!! Thank you Lord. Not to mention we downloaded Skype so we could see her sweet face!!

Jasmine, thank you for loving us so much! I'm looking forward to this year being IT!! We will be praying for you here at home. You mean the world to us and we are so thankful we have you in our lives!!

Looking forward to when you come back home at Christmas and then when we get to take our trip to Michigan!! Words cannot express just how excited I am about that trip! It BETTER happen!!

Love ya like crazy girlie!!

Get it done and bring it back down to the house!!

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