Monday, August 29, 2011


And that is a HEAVY "H" on HISH! Well, we had a blast at our pool party Saturday. And they gave us Goldfish. I was certain they would die by morning but they made it. We had no food for them and really no place for them to live. I found a vase for them to live in (for what I thought would be a day) but they survived. My good friend Julie came to the rescue with a fish bowl, rocks, trees, water treatments, and FOOD.

They are so happy! They have now lived 4 days with us. They are so fun I just love them. The kids adore them, especially Isaac. He is the one who says he has "HISHES" and they HAVE to be where he can see them! If I move them he has a fit. They are HIS! It's funny how it worked out. Noah, Anna, and Mary all got a fish - thinking Isaac wouldn't notice. And he didn't - he thinks they are all his! And that's how it works at our house.

We don't have names. Maybe after a week of living with us we will give them a name. When you name them you may become attached. Noah did name his (the big one) Otto, from the Dr. Seuss books. That has been a favorite book of all our kids. And just in case we feed him too much the pool is in the backyard! HA!

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