Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day

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I love first day of school pictures! I loved seeing everyone's on Facebook! We just took the outside pictures this year.

I wanted to take my camera to the school but I felt like it was a little much. I was trying to focus on what we needed and where we needed to go that I didn't need to be stopping and taking pictures of Noah - and I hate to say it, but I feel like he's getting too big! I didn't want to embarrass him - new school, new everything to take in, and your mom is carrying around a giant camera and snapping pictures! I am taking it at open house though!! I know where I'm going and I want some pictures!! Noah is super excited to be going to Central. Man those schools are big. How can there be so many people there and we not know anyone! Let me rephrase - I don't know anyone. Noah has found his friends pretty quick!

East is just as great as ever! I just love it! The staff and teachers are so nice. And though I don't know Anna's teacher at all she was just the sweetest thing when we came in. She sat down with us and talked to Anna and just was great! She seems really really fun! I hope she loves it as much as I loved my 2nd grade teacher!

Anna's teacher took these and sent them to us! (Above, Anna is waiting to go into her class; below, they are working so hard!) So cute!

I'm so thankful that Noah and Anna are excited about going back to Vestavia this year. They once again love the "media labs", PE, music, art, library - they love it. They have a new appreciation for it this year and that makes me so thankful!

Oh, how the years go by...


Noah's first EVER day of school -
Anna wishing so much she could go with him!

2007 -

Noah goes to K5 & Anna goes to K4
(she is 3 here - CRAZY - Mary's age!! - her first ever day of school!)

2008 -

Anna K4 - Noah 1st Grade!

2009 -
Noah 2nd Grade, Anna K5
Oops... Same shirt!!
2010 -

Anna 1st grade Noah 3rd! First day at Vestavia East.
Noah is "trying" to be cool. He's not really mad. I do miss his sweet smile in this picture though!
2011 -

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