Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School Party!

We had so much fun at our back to school block party! The apartments had a party for the residents with swimming, games, prizes, and a COOKOUT! I had a busy day taking pictures and the kids really wanted to go, I wanted them to forget, but really there was no way that was gonna happen because it was RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR DOOR! I love when you don't want to do something and then it ends up being LOTS of fun!!

We had a blast. We FINALLY got to meet a lot of our neighbors. We have lots of kids in our neighborhood - so our kids had fun swimming with everyone! Then there were games. The kids won a few things and then I WON a HULA HOOP contest! That's right friends! Let me just say, I CANNOT HULAHOOP but when the prize was a $15 giftcard to Applebee's I swallowed my pride and went for it! On round 3 when all the good people were out...I finally won. It was so funny b/c I just shut my eyes and went for it and I finally got it to stay up!! Oh, how I miss the days when I could Hula Hoop. I used to think adults were so weird trying to hard to hula hoop. It used to be so simple! Well, I lost whatever skill I once had that's for sure!

We also had the fire department come and they had a smokehouse which was pretty neat. We all learned fire safety. It was so funny when they turned the smoke on Isaac started really crying. Then we all had to crawl to another room and then they got to slide out the window. They didn't have that when I was little but Anna said she had done that at school once.

And last but certainly not least Ed's Pet World was there... CRAZY ANIMALS!! Noah loved the animals and said, "I'm gonna hold this alligator and PROVE I'm a man!" And he did. By the end of the night he had held everything they had. I told him to come swim with us before we called it a night and he said he just wanted to stay with the animals..."He just loved the animals!" NOT ME! Jason was kinda funny skirting around the snakes!

And in here lies our newest pet!!! hmmm...what could it be?

Thank you Nicole for hosting our back to school block party! It was way funner than I thought it would be and y'all are always so super nice to us!! We are thankful to have you and the Rollingwood Staff! Y'all do a great job at serving us!! Until next year!

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