Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun FAST Day!

Today was somewhat strange! THE DAY FLEW BY!! We woke up late - not to mention I think that happened because of the two babies I found in my bed this morning! So, I should say we woke up EARLY but rested LATE!

This is what you get with a MIRROR on the ceiling!!

My sister and I decided we were gonna go to the movies at 2. All I did was get up, got ready, did Anna's toes (French Pedicure - took some time apparently), and then my sister was here - it was like MAGIC. I thought I had like 2 hours but apparently I had just enough time to get ready and do Anna's toes (and get Izzy ready too). We went to see "Judy Moody, and the not so bummer summer" - I LOVED IT!! I think I'm gonna buy the books for Anna. Silena...did you know there were books?!? Ten of them!

Then we came home and we were JUNKED OUT - we filled up 2 buckets of popcorn at the movie! We had candy and coke! Yes friends I said it - COKE!! And I did something funny, I have to share!! We have this bucket of popcorn that is $2.50 to fill up. Well, I was getting popcorn and was deciding about a drink. This is what was funny about it. We had packed some snacks and I told the lady fixing my popcorn. "Yea, I want a drink...I didn't pack Mary one!" I just thought that was so funny I basically told her in our HUGE bag that one of the kids didn't have a drink! Anyway, dinner wasn't on our radar is what I was getting around to! We got home at 4, the kids played, I cleaned the kitchen, and I chatted with Shea for a while! Then I decided I needed to go to the store to get something for dinner - time was slipping away so fast!

My WONDERFUL AWESOME GREAT parents came and kept the kids and I went to the store with Anna. WE HAVE GROCERIES! YAY! It's been a while since we've had something here to eat! Now we are all simmering down and headed to bed! Isaac is already asleep! SCORE! Calling it a FUN FAST DAY with a movie night with the kids! We are HALFWAY there... 5 more days!!!!

Oh, and I did a french pedicure for me too!! When Jason gets home...I'm paying to have my toes done!

I wanted a picture of our toes and Anna messed mine up so I had to redo it...No picture of the finished product...It looks good though! I got so frustrated!!! Patience...that's the key to a French pedicure not to mention the key to parenting.

Mary's sweet toes!

And this is what happens when you paint your toes...A TAKE OVER! IIIIISSSSAAAAAAAAACCC!

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Silena Cvacho said...

I had such a great time!! It was the perfect movie for summer and it was so funny!! I keep thinking about the funny parts all the time! Yesterday, a boy at camp told me he saw a bigfoot in his backyard and it cracked me up!! Thanks for going with us!! Wish we had done more together this summer!! We still have to go bowling though!! Love ya!

ps- Your toes look great! Wish I could do that good of a job!! And Mary's piggies are too cute!!