Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This is for YOU Daddy!

OK, so the clothes didn't get done today and either did the house cleaning!!

The sun was shining and I couldn't resist plus I HAD to get the kids OUT! So the pool was a GREAT place to go! Mary has made some really great strides at swimming. It's amazing! I'm convinced she will be swimming by the end of this summer. She did a GREAT job doggy paddling and keeping her head above water. Silena - you would be so impressed! I also wish you guys weren't sick so we could have gone together. We had the whole pool to ourselves! Isaac loves a float we got him for his birthday. He says it's his boat. He HATES the pool but LOVES the boat. He even got brave enough to jump off the side of the pool onto the float! We are getting used to the pool - SLOWLY! It's so hot here though the water is pretty warm! It's best to get drenched and get out and let the wind cool you off.

THEN, it was time to get ready for Mary's LAST dance class this summer! We got EVERYONE ready - which REALLY wears me out!! I mean we had showers and everything because we had went swimming. Mary was PRECIOUS though!! Jason, we recorded it just for you!! It's so cute! And, Shalita...it was so good to see you for 5 weeks straight! I could get used to that! Thank you for loving Mary and Anna (and the rest of us SO much)!

I took Crystal with me to dance. And I made her drive some! She is so funny! I really stressed her out! First of all, I made her drive the VAN, then I had all 4 kids in the back, 2 of which were saying, "Tell my Dad I love him! and We are gonna die!" not to mention it was raining a little bit, and she was in Argo on back roads and cars are driving towards you - she couldn't get to the BP fast enough! BUT, she's GOT to learn! She did GREAT! I had fun! Made a memory!

We met Jasmine and Victoria at Publix and got a dinner plan. Cooked, ate, and made cupcakes. We also watched a movie with the kids! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you girls for coming over and keeping me company! It meant the WORLD!! Love you all so much!

Jason I hope you had a GREAT day! Can't wait to hear all about it! And kiss your face!

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