Monday, July 18, 2011

Spoiled or Loved?

That is the question! The answer...BOTH! Or at least I'm telling myself that! We've had a good week. CRAZY! Some plans got cancelled (COKE FACTORY _ BOO) some got rearranged, but one thing is for sure! WE HAVE BEEN BUSY!

Today I worked, which was such a sweet relief! It was a sense of "normal" - we had a lot of laughs and great prayer time! I got stuff done and prepared to do so I can be off with Jason the rest of the week. CANNOT WAIT! Delilah started off the day by coming and getting the kids for me. She got them dressed and ready to go which saved me about 45 minutes and a rushed spirit! Delilah, I LOVE YOU!! You are such a good friend. Can't imagine life without you! Thanks for loving me and being patient with me, and encouraging me! So, I started out the day being super encouraged by her love for me!! That's a good way to start the day!

THEN, HAIRCUTS!! I LOVE HAIRCUT DAYS! I can't say enough how much I appreciate what Marybeth has done for us! She takes a day and cuts all our hair - not to mention this time I threw JASMINE in the mix! Jasmine has massive amounts of hair and Marybeth "tamed it"! It is so cute now!! THANK YOU MARYBETH!! I needed the pampering! You are super sweet and you minister to our family in ways I can't put into words! THANK YOU!!! I love you sweet friend!!

Anna got a gloss on her hair to condition it!!

When Marybeth arrived so did Mindy, E and Levi. They came bringing the CARPET CLEANER! This part just crosses the line into plain SPOILED! As I'm getting my haircut and making sure all the kids are getting theirs cut the way I want it (ha). Erin is getting everything off the floor and Erin and Mindy proceed to clean the carpet. I'm not at all lying!! SPOILED!! Mindy and Erin, you know I love you so much and now I owe you big time! I know what Erin wants because she's like me and will just tell ya but can I repay you!?! Not be on your Volleyball Team?!? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! The way y'all love me is so encouraging to me. I cannot express how thankful I am that the Lord allowed me to meet and get to know y'all!! Thanks for the laughs - you lift my spirit immediately!! I love you both so much!!

Then to top off the night Crystal and Jasmine spent the night with me ... We had a great time! Thank you so much for staying with me and keeping me company! Keeping my mind off just how close Jason is to being home! Thanks for making me laugh, for indulging in milkshakes with me, and for loving my kids! You guys are super sweet and I am right now thanking the Lord for you and your friendship to me!! I LOVE YOU TWO TOO!!!

Jasmine and my new hair by Marybeth and I cut Crystal's bangs and hair but you can't see it - not to mention you can't tell...but she likes it! Oh how I aspire to be like Marybeth!

Going to bed tonight feeling very blessed, loved, and spoiled rotten!! Lord, let me minister to others as all these have done for me in ONE DAY (and as Jason does in Peru)!! Thank you for the Body of Christ! It's a beautiful thing!!

Night Dad, 2 MORE SLEEPS!!

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Shalita said...

I would say spoiled AND loved!!! And I would say you deserve every bit of the royal treatment you got!!! You are a GREAT friend and you needed to be loved on by GREAT friends while your GREAT husband was out of the country! Praying for Jason's safe return and thanking the Lord for an incredible trip!