Wednesday, July 13, 2011


OK well a couple!

This week Crystal and I have tried to do better and pay attention to what we are eating! I decided to drink the amount of water I need to. Well, that would be like 70 ozs. so I filled up THE water bottle, which is 64 ozs, I think, and drank that much yesterday! You think that's good and it is but I have a HEADACHE. I'm really experiencing the "withdrawls" of caffine! Not a smart move when your hubby leaves town. BUT, thankfully, this morning after taking that plunge I was down 2 pounds! WHOOP! That was just the encouragement I needed to keep going today. And today, I have another headache! I'm not giving up! I'm setting my mind on this water thing!!

Another MISTAKE...taking the kids to work with me! We really entertained the peeps at work and I'm so thankful for the people that came by and played with them. I'm sure everyone was glad when I left. I felt that "good riddance" feeling! I'm so excited about tomorrow. Starting out early and going to work all day! It will be a nice short getaway from the kiddies!! They are being really good! But I felt like I was wrestling with them all day so we stayed home from church because for one, it was raining, and for 2, I needed some time at home! But we've been cleaning (I made up for yesterday) and I ALMOST got all the clothes done! I've got a lot of laundry done today! I love when that happens!

Praying for you tonight Jason and all the guys with you! Love beyond description!! Staying here with 4 crazy kids should give you a good idea of my love for you!! ha ha!! Miss you bunches!!

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