Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mawmaw and Pops House

Isaac took us on a drive to Pop & Mawmaw's House Sunday after our fantastic BBQ lunch at church!!

Going to the country is ALWAYS fun and relaxing!

The kids had a "surprise" waiting on them!! CHICKENS! How fun! They loved them! Their names were Birdy, Gurdy, and Flirty. I was shocked to see the babies go in the chicken pen and try to play with them. The chickens are so cute. One of the kids left the door open and 2 of the chickens got out. Jason and his mom had to corner them and catch them and put them back in the pen. That was kinda funny to watch! Mawmaw caught one and let the kids put it. They thought that was so neat. Noah really wanted to hold one but he was too scared and jumpie to do it! His claws were pretty big and intimidating - I think that's what made the decision for him.

I'm so thankful my kids get to experience the country. Mawmaw has made such a beautiful place out there and the kids can roam around, catch crickets, play with chickens, build fires (except this time we weren't aloud b/c of the drought), swing, and plant. It's beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

So we played with chickens, Noah caught A LOT of crickets, Anna watched TV, the kids played ball, swung in the swings, watched TV ate cupcakes for the birthdays. Isaac would put the whole mini cupcake in his mouth. THE WHOLE THING!! He had 3...then we said NO MORE! We drank LOTS of cokes, talked and played some more and then had to head back home. As we went home we watched God do his beautiful Fireworks in the sky! There was a lightening storm going on our whole way home! It was neat! We had a GREAT day with Pop and Mawmaw!!

One funny thing I want to remember is Mary and Pop were playing ball. Pop was smoking a cigarette and throwing a ball to Mary. She would try to catch it and throw it back. At one point she got distracted by the cigarette and told Pop, "You got a HOT pencil!" She was so serious and concerned for him! I love her!! She is so funny! Pop thought that was so funny too!

She loves her Pop!

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Silena Cvacho said...

Their place looks so beautiful! I love chickens too!! One day I hope I can have some! Glad ya'll had a good time!! Love you!