Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lord's Day

Church was great today. When we have someone other than Jason preaching I always get the feeling of awkwardness. Like, is the music gonna all flow?, are the guest gonna feel welcomed? or do they know we are out of routine? Things I should NOT be worrying about. But this morning was SOOOO good! The band was GREAT and we really worshipped. Corey is really impressing me with his drum skills!! He definitely was a missing link to the whole band thing! Adam did a GREAT job preaching the Word. I have pondered what he said several times. And he can make anyone feel welcome. So immediately that awkward feeling was gone and I worshipped. Thank you "Band" for leading us to the throne! Thank you Adam for exposing our battle with flesh!! It was a very timely message!!

Shea, took Anna home with her and it was SO great! It's so weird how if you take ONE kid out of the mix the whole dynamic changes! I'm NOT saying Anna is the bad one. But just think... Without Anna here Noah has no one to pick on and no one to fight with. Without Noah, Anna has no one to bother and fight with. If Isaac is gone we get to relax and not have to worry about if he got outside, or if he is in the trash, or the constant slam of doors (he loves doors). And if Mary is not here, well, nothing much changes! HA!! Just kidding! She has her fits too. She has meltdowns!! With Mary gone we don't have to worry about who pooped in the floor or SPILLED her pee. That's what she said the other day as she was peeing in the bathroom floor!! "It's SPILLING, it's SPILLING!" So, Shea, you have made up for not coming to girls night! I love you and you definitely gave me a BREAK!!

Noah, Mary, Isaac and I went to Target after church to get a hairdryer (like Jae's) but they didn't have it! We went to 2 different Targets! So I ordered it on Amazon! Can't wait for it to come! We had fun wondering around Target - we ate at the Deli, yea, they had popcorn and pretzels with icees for lunch! MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD RIGHT HERE!! We looked at lots of toys and the kids even let me look at stuff! It was fun! We got home just in time for Mom to take Noah to see The Green Lantern, I traded Noah for Francie! It was a pretty good trade!!

Then, yes, THEN... We headed to Lori's house to take pictures of Emerson! Such a sweet baby! Lori and I talked about how our husbands needed to GET BACK HOME for the sake of the well being of the family...ha! We never get to be together really but I love Lori. She is so funny and fun to talk to!! She wasn't too happy with us when Mary pooped and peed in her floor!! CRAZY photo shoot, I definitely will take you where ever you want to go take pictures! I'll think of something good for her! I'm all out of ideas with Jason gone and 3 kids doing crazy things while I TRY to take pictures!!!! But look at the sweetness....

She doesn't even look real!! BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL!!

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