Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Terrible

So my sweet sweet Jason heads to Peru in the morning! He left Birmingham around 4 or 5 pm today to go to Atlanta! I'm terrible b/c I HATE GOODBYES! I didn't want to be sad about him leaving! I love that he is going to Peru to help some pastors there, I love that he is spreading the gospel, and being a light to the nations. BUT, I HATE GOODBYES!! So, in order for us both to be happy for the other person. I went to work. I didn't have to see him pack, I didn't have to watch him walk out the door, I didn't have to sit alone on the couch and mope for a minute. I just got ready like I do every Monday morning for work - in a hussle!! I did tell him goodbye but it wasn't sad! And surrounded myself with meetings (which one was a prayer meeting at which time Jason and I both were bathed in prayer! THANK YOU coworkers - I love you so much!), we had some good laughs, and I got a lot of work done! And Jason, he didn't have to see me sad, watch me mope, or walk out the door feeling as though he were "leaving" us!

I was fine for a long time...I stayed busy, and then I felt the sadness come on around 4 and I pushed it away with prayer and thanksgiving for a husband that loves the gospel and our SAVIOR and for friends and family that will keep me company! I got to chat with Delilah which always makes things better. Then I headed over to my parents house for dinner with them!

Now I've got the kids all laid out in the floor with a movie, thanks to netflixs, all the bottles and cups are washed (which NEVER HAPPENS), and one load of dishes in the dishwasher! Another waiting...

Tomorrow I plan to wash all the clothes and HOPEFULLY get out in the SUN!! Vitamin D will melt my loneliness away, and 4 kids will keep me company!! Noah was so sweet tonight coming in from dinner, I said something about him playing outside and he said, "Well, I planned to stay inside and spend time with the family this week!" He's such a sweetie!! He has the BEST heart!

I am really looking forward to this week for the team in Peru and for us here. I've got some really good friends and family keeping me company!! We have DANCE, CHURCH, a MOVIE NIGHT planned with some girls from church, a trip to the COKE FACTORY (yea, Lela... we are coming back), PLAYDATES, and anything else I can squeeze myself into!!

No worries, I got this...

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