Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Well after all the celebrating we have done the past couple of days we chose to stay home for the day. Our pool was crowded so I kept putting off taking the kids swimming - though that is what they REALLY wanted to do. So around lunch time the pool cleared out some and I lathered everyone up got all our swimsuits on, get in the pool and Anna...hears thunder. There is a grey cloud above us but not a huge one and the sun is still very much shinning. Anna tries to make the most out of it - but she is convinced it's about to be a "scattered thunderstorm" - so she sits on the side. Isaac hates the water so he is on the float but given the chance to go in he will gladly take it. Mary is super upset b/c we needed her to put her floaties on (she is trying to learn to swim and LOVES to not wear her floaties). So we decide after a whole 5 minutes of swimming - it's time to go in! Times like this...I'm glad our pool is right out the door and not miles away! So, we go in get ready to go to Thunder on the Mountain with some church friends when the rain comes. And one by one the friends back out of going! I was kinda glad because I felt so beat from our weekend that a day home with the family felt glorious!!

We still needed to get out to take Anna to Riley's house because they are going to Sixflags tomorrow! She was gonna spend the night with Riley and wake up really early to go. So we had dinner at Full Moon BBQ (1. because it was open, and 2. because it was the 4th of July...WE MUST EAT BBQ!). Then we headed to the DiBens where we so totally barged in and made ourselves at home. SORRY! Jason and Jeremy watched the game for a while and Noah begged to see and do fireworks. He was bummed - we saw maybe a 3 on our way home!! This year the 4th was a total bust for us!

BUT, we had a great time just being together, and we are so thankful for our freedom and for our country! 235 years! WOW!! It's really not that old. May God truly bless America! May we once again believe that he is our creator and HE gave us this great nation of freedom. May our freedom not lead to our neglect of a Savior!!

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