Thursday, July 14, 2011

Funday Thursday!

At work I refer to Thursday as: Funday Thursday! On Thursday we go out to lunch with people from the ministry and I get to go...get out, see the sun! And, it was especially fun today. And not just because of work! But it started out fun because of work.

I got to get up early and get JUST MYSELF ready for work. My parents came over and watched the kids and the kids had fun because Will and Francie came over too. I'm not so sure my parents still love me but I SURE DO LOVE THEM!! They did NOT have a funday Thursday! ha! But I really really really appreciate my parents helping me out!! I worked in the peace and quiet it was so nice SO nice. Then it was time for lunch Buffalo Wild Wings - but what made this excursion fun was: JULIE GOT A NEW CAR!! I'm so extremely happy for her! It was a fun little ride! Lunch was really fun too, we had a lot of laughs - love this group! Then back to work for a while. Felt a sense of accomplishment!

Then came home and chatted with my sister for a while. It is always so fun to catch up with her! I love that she was there when I got home and stayed a short while. When she left we rushed around straightening up the house because...MOVIE NIGHT! I was so excited because Liz was gonna get to come and we could finally watch LAST SONG together, it's on Netflix. Well, it ended up being a chat fest. After we sent Jasmine to the store TWO TIMES for "supplies"/AKA snacks, fixed all our snacks we wanted, we chatted it up all during movie time. So, once again, no girlie movie was watched. It will happen in time I'm sure but I wouldn't trade watching that movie for the chatting we got to do. Thank you friends for coming and making the mopey night times full of fun and laughter!! Looking forward to Tuesday and hoping more friends come - you know who you are!

We are sad our honey's are gone but we had a GREAT time still!! "Love the one you're with" ha!

A very special thank you to Rey! He came over and played with the kids the whole time (3.5 hours)! My kids adore you - you made their night!!

Jason, wishing I could hear your voice! Praying for your days to be effective and enjoyable. Wish you were laying beside me now. This time next week!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!!!

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