Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Diary

This is beginning to feel like a Dear Diary blog!

Noah, Mary, and I stayed up LATE last night to watch Secretariate! It was SO good. I thought I would fall asleep because it was 2 hours (about a horse) but it is really good and action packed. We loved it. So, we slept late again today! YAY!

We just chilled today. SO HAPPY MY KIDS SLEEP LATE!! We cleaned a little, Will and Francie came over and they all played so well, I was able to play on the computer, lounge around, and watch TV. Made them dinner - it was Shea's recipe, Cheesy Spaghetti - absolutely delicious but the kids didn't love it! Surprised?!!

Apparently I really needed to get out!! I got super excited to be going out without the kids! Our friend Lori had a baby shower for her Emerson! Precious baby. And LOTS my girl friends were there! I was so excited to be getting out tonight. I got ready at 4 p.m, the shower wasn't until 6:30 p.m. The kids were so occupied with each other I got to get ready at my own pace and even "fixed" my hair and did my make up! It was so fun! I NEVER get to do that! Jae, I'm gonna buy the hairdryer. You inspired me... TOMORROW...I'm going by Target!! Can't wait!

It is really amazing how just 3 hours away from the house with great friends and lots of laughs can make things look up for me! I left the house thinking my blog tonight would be "Lies I'm Believing" - like, 1. My kids hate me, 2. My kids hate each other, 3. My house can be clean, 4. The laundry will get done, 5. Hiding in my room can make certain kiddos disappear...(that's just a few - and we were having a really good day). But then, I come home and everyone is happy, CLEAN, and loving! Awwww...It was nice - I have a happy heart once again!

Going to bed with a thankful heart... I love my husband, KIDS, and parents more than this silly blog will ever be able to express. I love my friends so much - thanks for the encouragement and fun times we always seem to share! The Lord is so good and for these things I give him the PRAISE!!

Night Dad!! We LOVE you and MISS you LOTS!!

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