Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anna Heads to 6 Flags over Georgia

Anna was invited by Riley (her "best friend") to go to Six Flags for the day! She got to spend the night with the DiBens and they woke up super early to head to Georgia. She had the best time. She came home with the BIGGEST smile and the LOUDEST stories of adventure. One thing she thought was HILARIOUS was how they road a Thunder River and Shea and Sue got stuck under the waterfall. She said I would have loved that part! I think I would have!! I found myself a little jealous that Anna got to spend a whole day of fun with Shea and Sue!

They also road the Sky Buckets, the Mine Train, the little cars you drive on a track, Riley road the Scream Machine at which point Anna told us she was a little embarrassed that a 6 year old could ride it but she (as a 7 year old) was scared! She said whenever they went down the hill on the Splash Water Falls it just got her stomach so much she thought she would be sick and she didn't want to get on the Scream Machine and get sick. But one thing she road that I am TOTALLY shocked about was the Wheelie!! SHOCKED! She said they didn't know it was the Wheelie until it already started and they didn't hear her screaming that she changed her mind about riding - so she just road it! I seriously doubt they didn't hear her!! They hit the waterpark (which I had NO IDEA they had). She just was all smiles!


Thank you Shea for inviting her! I hope you didn't have any regrets! She had a blast and I'm so thankful she's found such a great friend in Riley! Warms my heart!! Cute besties!


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