Saturday, June 18, 2011

What it looks like...

Ewww... Poor Anna...but like I said, she has a MESSED UP MOUTH. But today her fever has not gotten above 99.4 and it spent a lot of time in the 98's without Motrin or Tylenol. We took her back to the Dr. they gave her some Litocaine for her mouth as a rinse to ease the pain and extended her antibiotics for another 5 days! They said the back of her throat is better! That is a HUGE praise! The meds have made her feel much much better! I hope we are on the mend. If she is not any better by Monday she has to go to her Pediatrician. We are gonna skip church tomorrow - basically because I'm afraid people think she has the plague but also I want her to rest before we go party with my sister for Father's Day! Can't wait!! It's gonna be a GREAT day!

Amazing how she is still SO beautiful!! I just know she's almost well!! I'm pulling for her!

Oh, and Shea...why does her gum go way down on one tooth and not the other? I've never noticed that before. Did this sickness mess up her gums? They are so inflamed.

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Shalita said...

OUCH!!!!!!!!!! Bless Anna's little heart and mouth and throat! We will most definitely be lifting her up in prayer! I hope you are right in thinking she is on the mend! Take care of her, yourself and the rest of the gang! We are also praying for protection for the rest of you!!

Love you!!!