Sunday, June 5, 2011


Here goes nothing! I'm feeling MUCH better about VBS this year! Remember last year I went through a VBS depression?This year we are doing a rotation schedule. Delilah and I are doing all the Bible Lessons - so much easier than planning a whole night full of things to do!

We just finished our room! It's so cute! Crystal took a picture of it before I cleaned up. So more pictures to come! Our room looks amazing. Crystal and Jasmine did some great artwork while Delilah painted and hung paper, made trees, and created grass. I made a well and thought of ways to teach the lessons, cut tape, and followed directions! I painted some and helped hang paper. I know it's gonna be worth ALL the hard work.

Erin did an amazing job on all the other decorations! I can't wait to show you! She's so teacherie that way! Praying for you E!! Thanks for directing us! Hang in there! Remember us this week in your prayers! We are praying the children understand the beautiful stories of salvation and God's great love for his children. Praying seeds get painted deep into their hearts!!

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