Friday, June 10, 2011

Play Date

We finally get to swim with the Cvacho's! We decided to meet the Cvachos for lunch at McDonalds and then head over to Chad's pool. We had a great lunch and Silena and I laughed at the kids - especially Mary and her pouty faces and Isaac trying to be grown with all his sayings like, "Oh, my goodness." Not sure why we didn't just go to the drive thru b/c no one wanted to eat. They only wanted to play!

As we drive out to Chad's I notice there could be a chance of rain. It wasn't definite but a little hazy. So, we get there, get lathered up, jump in play for a total of 30 minutes maybe and then we faintly hear THUNDER! So we get out and start our 15 minute wait. While we wait we snap these...

and then we see LIGHTENING ... and hear a LOUD THUNDER - at which point Anna FREAKS OUT!! I mean goes ballistic - scared to death of this storm - that isn't even upon us yet. Instead of helping us get our stuff together and in the car she screams and causes the babies to panic and I think she scared the neighbors dog away. Sorry about that!! We finally get to the car and get everyone loaded head down the street and's RAINING! I hated we had to leave. We were just starting to have fun! We needed the rain though, bad! Thankful for it. I just wish we could have had a back up plan.

Can't wait to go again!

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Silena Cvacho said...

That was such a fun day!! And really hilarious, I mean Anna going crazy, babies freaking out, us trying to get the crap together!! Wow! Next time it better NOT rain!