Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Happy Father's Day!

How sad is it that Jason woke up to this Father's Day surprise and enjoyed it while we all were fast asleep? On Sunday's Jason is a early riser so I knew to set it up the night before - smart thinking! I absolutely adore Jason and think he is a GREAT Dad (and husband, I might add). We spent a lot of time this year just attempting to let him know just how special he is. We got him 2 canvas prints (one from the kids and one from me). He also got a basket full of a few of his favorite things and a few "Father" necessities - like Pj pants, boxers, and socks. Then each kid made him a home made card which meant a lot to him!

Jason, we celebrate you and thank the Lord he gave you to us! You are a true gift! We love you so much!

First up...A try at Family Pictures...You decide if you want Isaac looking...

or Mary ... You can never have both at the same time!

Jason headed to church with Noah and we slept in because Anna is still recovering. Which today was her best day yet! She's getting better! No fever today! YAY!! Then we they got home we headed to my sister's house to celebrate with my dad. We had a very relaxing day and the kids just played with each other and pretty much did their own thing. They played in the sprinklers which Isaac really really really enjoyed. Isaac also jumped on the trampoline - he loves to jump and so you can image how much fun he had in the trampoline! We had a GREAT lunch - so yummy - Mushroom swiss burgers, mac-n-cheese, mom's GREAT baked beans, potato salad, brownies, cupcakes. Delicious! Thanks Silena for having us over. We loved it!

Outside Fun

I love how Mary is walking with a purpose!

Happy Father's Day! We love you Dad!

Attempting to get a picture with the kids...NEXT.TO.IMPOSSIBLE!!

Hey's the next BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!! He's come from a long line of Wonderful Dad's!! I love my Isaac buddy!


Silena Cvacho said...

Yesterday was so fun!! It really was a great day!! We have to do another cook out before summer is over! Love ya!

Allison said...

Your family is precious and I'm so glad Anna is feeling better, I've been praying for her!

Shalita said...

Hey! Let me know when you plan another cookout...Mushroom swiss burgers are my FAVORITE! And I have connections---I KNOW your Mom would say, "Yes, bring Shalita along!"

I love the pics of the kids and your Dad! They look like real kids, not all posing perfectly---just having FUN!