Thursday, June 23, 2011

Being an Ambassador

Jason and I were able to attend an Ambassador Training for the Alabama Children's Home this week at Shocco Springs. I did not want to go...I wanted Jason to go and then I started feeling bad because I really didn't want to go but I knew I was gonna have a good time. It was somewhat of an inconvenience to my schedule of work and days off with the kids. Well wouldn't you know it - I had a great time.

We took Noah and Anna with us b/c they had a camp going on for the families who work with the Alabama Children's Home. It was so great to see so many healthy, happy families and kids. The Alabama Children's Home is doing a great job loving and supporting foster kids. I was so inspired to raise awareness and help get people and our church involved in the ministry! It's just a great GREAT ministry! We met the neatest people there!

Shocco Springs reminds me a lot of Ridgecrest a camp I grew up going to when I was little. It's beautiful and the distractions of the world are very far away! It was stormy the 2 days we were there so we got to spend a lot of time resting and just hanging out with Noah and Anna. Noah and Anna are such troopers. They love to go to camp and meet new people - they had a great attitude about the whole thing. Noah fell in love with a game called's like 4 square but with a pingpong table. Anna enjoyed reading and we did watch a few movies on my laptop.

After this trip I now want to find a way to go to Ridgecrest. I'm sure things are all different now but I may be finding a group to go! Everyone needs to experience camp like that! EVERYONE!

So, Jason and I are now well trained to be ambassadors for the Alabama Children's Home. I'm excited and hope to see more churches get involved. Thanks Doug Foster for thinking of us and inviting us to partner with you in ministry!

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Byron Hill said...

Great to read of your fond memories for Ridgecrest. We've made a lot of improvements over the past 10 years and we'd love for you and your family to come up for a visit. We offer a Minister's Getaway rate of only $39/night, so it definitely affordable for a little weekend retreat. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Byron Hill
Executive Director, LifeWay Conference Centers & Camps