Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Batman Party

We aren't done party-ing!! We went to Ella Kate's Batman Party the other day! We had so much fun! She is the sweetest little girl. She wanted to have a Batman Party because her future husband "Kevin" would like that! But I think she liked it too!

It was so fun...we got to meet Batman. Never ever met him before! He's a lot shorter than I thought he would be but you know...movies always make you look bigger. Ella Kate introduced him to ALL her friends and then they danced together, which was super sweet! But then he had to go return to Gotham City! She was fine with that too...Gotham City NEEDS Batman!!

Ella Kate was so sweet opening her presents. She was surprised with ever gift but she also let the person that gave her that gift help open it! Then a picture opp... and then it was time for them to remove themselves from her chair. In an oh, so nice way!

The food was GREAT, the friends were GREAT, the cake was OH SO GREAT, and the pinata was GREAT! A pull string pinata is the best idea EVER! We felt like we were really in Gotham City!

Happy Birthday Ella Kate!! I can't believe you are a BIG 4 YEAR OLD!! We love you so much!! I hope you got all the boy toys you ever dreamed of getting!! And don't forget to tell your mom I want to see a picture of you in your Batman Pjs!

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Shalita said...

We LOVED looking at these pics!!! You captured Ella Kate in such an AWESOME way!!! I think the shoe picture is precious! I absolutely want a copy of your Batman party pictures!!! Thanks for sharing in such a FUN and SPECIAL day with us!!!

Shalita, Danay, Jacey Grace & Ella Kate (well Bobby too, he just isn't here with us right now)