Friday, June 24, 2011

At 31

Where I am at 31:

1. At 31 I'm still striving to follow after Christ. I'm extremely thankful for his forgiveness and love. I pray I will continue to grow and trust him more and more each day!

2. At 31 I'm still married to Jason (ha ha). BUT, after 11 years of marriage I'm so happy he's the one! He is an amazing husband and ONE of the best gifts the Lord has given me.

3. At 31 I am now the mother of 4 beautiful, amazing, funny, and all around GREAT kids! Noah, Anna, Mary & Isaac. And on some days I want to have another baby!

4. At 31 I still love to spend time with my parents who without them I could NOT, I repeat COULD NOT live without. They have been such a help to Jason and I - they are such great supporters! Thanks for helping raise my crazy kids and loving us all so much in words and ACTIONS! I love you mom and Dad...

5. At 31 some of my favorite things to do is hang out with my siblings! I love being adults with Chad and Silena. Makes me want to kick myself for not being more loving to them when we all lived together under the same roof. They are great friends!

6. At 31 I attend Rock Mountain Lakes Baptist Church, of whom the people there I am in love with - especially their young handsome pastor...(ha ha again - but I'm serious).

7. At 31 I've discovered a love for photography and once again I thank RMLBC for pushing me off that ledge. No time like the present to use some unknown talent.

8. At 31 I work at Briarwood with some really great friends. Going to work at 31 is a pure joy! I look forward to it.

9. At 31 I want to pull my hair out potty training Mary. She is the hardest one I've had to potty train. We are right in the middle of it and my mom promises me she will get it! Jason swears she will not go on her first date in diapers. Well, we'll see! On a side note she is the sweetest little girl around! I do love her so much!

10. At 31 my little 1 (almost 2 year old) puppy of a boy Isaac will bring the biggest burst of excitement to my heart! Joy overflowing! He is the sweetest not to mention cutest BABY EVER! Not to mention...INTO EVERYTHING drive me nuts little boy EVER - not sure how that all can be but it is!

11. At 31 I have a 7 year old on her way to a teenager. She is growing up so fast my little Anna. I love how she loves to sing at the top of her lungs (I get the joy of knowing what my parents heard when I was little like her). She is super smart and not to mention BEAUTIFUL! At 31 I'm loving being her mom!

12. At 31 I'm the mom of an ALL STAR baseball player. GO NOAH! And a future professional skateboarder. He makes me so proud. He continues to teach me how to be a mom and his favorite lesson to teach me is patience.

13. At 31 I still enjoy cartoon movies...right now the go to family movies are Gnomeo & Juliet and Tangled.

14. At 31 my go to CD in the car is JJ Heller's Painted Red and when it needs to be changed out we go to When I'm With You. She's my kind of music.

15. At 31 my favorite drink is COKE and by 32 I hope hope hope it's WATER! I know y'all been wondering when I was gonna mention my coke addiction. I'm trying to not be so addicted.

16. At 31 we are out of debt (other than school and home). Which is so exciting and it was a rough road to get there! We live in an apartment but we hope to move to McCalla and my dream (at 31 today) would be to live in Shea's neighborhood. Praying the Lord will make a way!

17. At 31 I got my first black eye! It hurt bad immediately! The kids SMCS yearbook fell off the top shelf of Noah's closet while I was getting stuff down and it hit me right in the eye. True story!

18. At 31 my favorite restaurant is Newk's - and the Newk's Q is my favorite sandwich. It's expensive so I don't go there but when I do it's a real treat!

19. At 31 I enjoy using the sewing machine Becky let me borrow to make rag blankets. At 31 I've made 3 and I'm right now working on Asher's mickey blanket and working on finishing Anna's purple kitten blanket. It's coming kids!

20. At 31 I still look forward to Christmas! It's my favorite holiday and I love the magic it brings. The birth of our Savior, the joy of a gift, the smells of the best food ever, the family getting together and sharing and catching up, not to mention 24 hours of a Christmas Story! I LOVE IT!

21. At 31 I'd rather go out to eat then cook. I really thought I would grow out of that...but, I haven't!

22. At 31 it's a treat when we get to sleep through the night! And another treat is to get to sleep before Jason.

23. At 31 I really enjoy chocolate. I like Dove and try to take the advice on the inside of every square! Today's - "Take time for yourself today" - ALRIGHT!

24. At 31 I've been told that in Oct I'm gonna run a 5k (I'm seriously doubting this but Delilah is dead set on making me and training me...)

25. At 31 for my family to go to the movies it would cost $38.50 JUST TO GET IN...

26. At 31 I'm super thankful for the Dollar Movie right down the road - Cost $5 go get in...b/c Isaac is still little!

27. At 31 We buy 3 gallons of milk that last us about 6 days. Apparently we like MILK! It never goes bad at our house. I remember growing up the milk was always questionable b/c we didn't drink it - we just used it for cereal and stuff like that. NEVER GOES BAD! If your milk is about to go bad...rush it over to the Dollars! ha!

28. At 31 I do not own an iphone. But thankfully by 31 I did get rid of the flip phone I had a few months back!

29. At 31 I enjoy SUMMER. I love no schedule, no demands, no homework, no programs...I love staying up late with the kids and sleeping in! Summer still feels like summer at 31 - it feels shorter though!

30. At 31 family warms the heart and I love every moment I get to be with them!!

31. On my 31st birthday I got a Birthday Basket from Jason filled with 2 BIG Cokes, pj pants, a Mr. Pibb shirt (b/c he thinks he's funny), Double Stuff Oreos, Dove Chocolate with mint in the middle, a card with love notes from the kids and Jason, a cushie steering wheel cover (which I love and would have NEVER thought to get), dinner at Jim n Nicks with the family and ICE CREAM from Bruster's with the family and Mom and Dad! And a rainbow to close the day! Thanks Jason for a very thoughtful 31st Birthday present! I love it all and you and NAMI...


Silena Cvacho said...

Awww... A rainbow!! That's the BEST gift! So glad you had a wonderful birthday!! I can NOT believe you are 31!!! That means I'm even older! Wow! Time flies when you are having fun - we must be havin lots of fun! ;). I really liked this post (I may have to do this too) but I almost didn't see it -with these little sneaky posts!! Love ya!

Shalita said...

What a FUN post to read! I can't wait until you turn 100, that too will be a fun post!!! How sweet of God to end your day with a rainbow---love it and love HIM!!!

I love you 31 times more than I did when I first met you!