Saturday, June 25, 2011

All Stars & Pictures

Noah made the All Stars this year with the Joy League. He was one of 4 who made it from his team. Noah got sick Friday with a fever and sore throat - pretty sure it was what Anna had last week, he was devastated because some birthday plans got canceled. He also did NOT want to miss his allstar game. SO, we let him play being sick! We got his fever down that morning and he said he felt well enough to play. But he wasn't well, he struck out every time he came up to bat and that is not normal for him. He did a great job stopping the ball one time and not letting it get by him. He said he missed a couple of balls because when he looked up he felt dizzy. I know, that's not a good sign. I could tell he got discouraged a few times but he kept a good attitude. He was so happy to be there as an allstar. The other team won but not by much it was 7-10. We've had a really great experience with the Joy League.

After the game Noah crashed and I went to take pictures of Laken and Eli. They are sweet baby cousins. They are a week and a day apart (like Noah and Will). What bundles of JOY! I had a GREAT time taking pictures for them. The babies did so good! They were super sweet! AND TINY!! Congrats Hannah and Sarah. WE love you and your babies very much!

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