Friday, May 20, 2011


YAY!! It's finally here! After we sat through a LONG awards day at SMCS, with the babies I might add, who were yelling from the balcony: "HEY NANNA, HEY NANNA!" After we had gathered all our stuff, and said good-bye to friends we headed to Aunt Nini's class, where Francie taught Mary a few things, then we gathered up the cousins went to lunch and headed to uncle Chad's POOL...We celebrated the first 1/2 day of summer!

Making it to the Spelling Bee

Anna made the A Honor Roll all year!

Noah still waiting for an award...

Anna gets her Principle's Award for learning the whole book of 1 John. AMAZING!

Noah gets the Principle's Award for learning several different verses this year! Not sure what they were because he was finally old enough to study them himself! WAY TO GO!
He is really growing up into a handsome guy!! Love him!

The on lookers!

Fun in the sun!!

You can ease in...

Or just go for it

Not sure what these nuts are looking for...but it's funny!!

Oh, am I ever so thankful for summer! Some parents don't enjoy it but I LOVE IT! No waking up early, no schedule, no homework, no demands, reports, or grades. Even as busy as we pack our summer - I still don't compare it to the stress of school.

This summer is going to be great! The babies are each a little older and that makes things a little easier!! I'm ready for more days at the pool and sunkisses, for bowling adventures, movies, and days spent with my sister, I'm ready for play dates with Delilah too, and birthdays!! Fun times await!

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