Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sadness YET... Rejoicing

Praying for my Dad and his brothers and sisters as they attend my Uncle's Bubba's funeral. I was so overwhelmingly happy to read his Obit. I didn't know him very well. All my dad's brothers and sisters keep to themselves and my dad's parents passed away before I was born so no one is really there to "hold them together" - it's just 6 siblings living their own separate lives. But they all keep up with each other and do their own thing - but they aren't all in each other either. If they are passing through town or us passing through their town, we visit. Other than that - we don't! It's a different kind of relationship I guess you would say! Anyway, no need to explain the family here on blogger! ha!

I know a huge burden on my dad's heart is lifted as he hears the story of his brother - the motorcycle drivin' "hells angel" come to know his creator as his personal Lord and Savior. My parents got to hear the story from his pastor and hear the testimony of faith he had - assurance and life change (though short) all his friends and family tell about. This is just such an encouragement to me. My heart rejoices that I have eternity to "get to know my Uncle Bubba" -

Robert E. Bubba Morrison Obituary: View Robert Morrison's Obituary by Panama City News Herald

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