Monday, May 16, 2011

The Picnic...

WAS GREAT! I love the church picnic! And here is why I think it's so special:

At the church picnic 2009 someone (I think Sandra) took individual pictures of everyone at the picnic and made an album with names and pretty much labeled who everyone is and if they were related and how, for us to "see" our future sheep. We looked at it over and over while we were waiting to be "hired". That album held the "monsters" (ha ha) I feared. Jason was all about looking at it, learning people's name and relations to each other ... and me... I held it at a distance. It was the "unknown" for me - the SCARY CHANGE that was coming to my life. Little, Little, LITTLE did I know that that book held some of the most amazing people I know! The truest of friends! Once again I rejoice for coming to RMLBC and the goodness of the Lord, his kindness. These people have put amazing fingerprints on my heart that I will always treasure! So...the picnic is always a marker of the not so scary BIG change in our life! I don't know how to explain's an anniversary for us! June 7th marks TWO YEARS at RMLBC ... oh, how I pray we are there FOREVER!

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