Friday, May 6, 2011

Anna's Mother's Day Gift

This is Noah's Portrait he drew of me when he was in the 1st grade! I think, THINK, things have turned around for me! ha! Through Anna's eyes - I no longer look like a priest with black hair! This particular year is one of my all time favorite parenting stories Mother's Day 2009, read here for a GREAT laugh!

At school the first grade class puts on a Mother's Day luncheon. The kids come out and give you a rose, you take a picture with your child, then your child escorts you to your seat, serves you lunch, and then they all made a Portrait of their Mothers and read about just how wonderful their Mother's are! Anna was so sweet to me! She worked so hard to make me "pretty" and she worked so hard writing well. She got to show her handwriting to the 2nd grade class because it was so beautiful! In my opinion hers was the best! She read so well and was so mature up on stage. She made me so proud! I love that kid!!

This is Anna's Portrait

Here's what is said...

and here is her recipe was Porkchops! You should try it!

My favorite recipe that my mom makes is pork chops. You have to have Ritz crackers, and pork chops, you can just have as many as you want. You have to get like two or two and a half sleeves of crackers. You crack as many eggs as you need, and then you put milk in the eggs. And rub them on the pork chops and put Ritz crackers on. I think you have to turn the oven on first, but I don't know, like one hundred thirty or somthing. I think like you put them in a casserole pan or sort of like that. I think you've got to put them in there for like and hour or something. You know it's done because my mom sets the timer.

I love that she did the Porkchop Recipe because that is one I taught her! She loved getting her hands dirty making dinner! Apparently that meant a lot to her. The recipe isn't that far off - the oven temp is a little cool! They wouldn't cook it an hour if you set it at 130 degrees! I think she's gonna be a good cook! Better than me - that's for sure!

Love my Anna!

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Silena Cvacho said...

Anna's picture and paragraph were the best! She is such a smart girl!! Whenever I read these they make me cry!! The first grade Mother's Day luncheon is so sweet and special!! Can't wait til it's Francie's turn!! Love ya!