Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend...

Words cannot explain how great our Memorial Day Weekend was. It was a much needed break for Jason and me! The Singles Ministry I work with at Briarwood asked Jason to be their speaker at this years BEACH RETREAT! I could not have been more thrilled! All expenses paid with my good friend Julie and no kids! Yes, Jason will gladly teach apologetics at the beach retreat this year! THANK YOU!

We had so much fun. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY KIDS! Didn't miss them a bit! They were enjoying time with Granny and Grandaddy! They were in the safest hands! And I know they were loving their days with them.

We spent the mornings with Jason teaching, our afternoons at the pool with my favorite drink: pina coladas everyday while Jason played golf with Julie's husband, after the pool we took a nap and then headed off to night sessions and dinner! Nothing was work! Nothing! We just got ourselves ready for the day, the pool, the beach, to eat...it's really amazing how much you do when you have kids that is just everyday life.

The first day we got there I said, "Let's go down to the pool a while!" And Jason said, "That's too much work!" - What? We don't have kids! How soon we forgot ... it was no work at all! Just a short walk!

We stayed in Seaside and the Majestic Sun was the beautiful view we beheld out our window! (Which by the way, thanks to FB I found out our friends Jae and David were staying there and we got to see them too - ADDED BONUS). We slept in a king size bed with a huge sliding glass door out to the patio! The first night we had the curtains open enjoying the thunderstorm that was passing through! The place was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the pool was cool, the food was good, the company was SUPERB!! I mean...I cannot complain! That was one of the best weekends we have had in a LONG time!

Thank you G&C for allowing me to tag along - we really enjoyed every minute of it!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sadness YET... Rejoicing

Praying for my Dad and his brothers and sisters as they attend my Uncle's Bubba's funeral. I was so overwhelmingly happy to read his Obit. I didn't know him very well. All my dad's brothers and sisters keep to themselves and my dad's parents passed away before I was born so no one is really there to "hold them together" - it's just 6 siblings living their own separate lives. But they all keep up with each other and do their own thing - but they aren't all in each other either. If they are passing through town or us passing through their town, we visit. Other than that - we don't! It's a different kind of relationship I guess you would say! Anyway, no need to explain the family here on blogger! ha!

I know a huge burden on my dad's heart is lifted as he hears the story of his brother - the motorcycle drivin' "hells angel" come to know his creator as his personal Lord and Savior. My parents got to hear the story from his pastor and hear the testimony of faith he had - assurance and life change (though short) all his friends and family tell about. This is just such an encouragement to me. My heart rejoices that I have eternity to "get to know my Uncle Bubba" -

Robert E. Bubba Morrison Obituary: View Robert Morrison's Obituary by Panama City News Herald

Friday, May 20, 2011


YAY!! It's finally here! After we sat through a LONG awards day at SMCS, with the babies I might add, who were yelling from the balcony: "HEY NANNA, HEY NANNA!" After we had gathered all our stuff, and said good-bye to friends we headed to Aunt Nini's class, where Francie taught Mary a few things, then we gathered up the cousins went to lunch and headed to uncle Chad's POOL...We celebrated the first 1/2 day of summer!

Making it to the Spelling Bee

Anna made the A Honor Roll all year!

Noah still waiting for an award...

Anna gets her Principle's Award for learning the whole book of 1 John. AMAZING!

Noah gets the Principle's Award for learning several different verses this year! Not sure what they were because he was finally old enough to study them himself! WAY TO GO!
He is really growing up into a handsome guy!! Love him!

The on lookers!

Fun in the sun!!

You can ease in...

Or just go for it

Not sure what these nuts are looking for...but it's funny!!

Oh, am I ever so thankful for summer! Some parents don't enjoy it but I LOVE IT! No waking up early, no schedule, no homework, no demands, reports, or grades. Even as busy as we pack our summer - I still don't compare it to the stress of school.

This summer is going to be great! The babies are each a little older and that makes things a little easier!! I'm ready for more days at the pool and sunkisses, for bowling adventures, movies, and days spent with my sister, I'm ready for play dates with Delilah too, and birthdays!! Fun times await!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Picnic...

WAS GREAT! I love the church picnic! And here is why I think it's so special:

At the church picnic 2009 someone (I think Sandra) took individual pictures of everyone at the picnic and made an album with names and pretty much labeled who everyone is and if they were related and how, for us to "see" our future sheep. We looked at it over and over while we were waiting to be "hired". That album held the "monsters" (ha ha) I feared. Jason was all about looking at it, learning people's name and relations to each other ... and me... I held it at a distance. It was the "unknown" for me - the SCARY CHANGE that was coming to my life. Little, Little, LITTLE did I know that that book held some of the most amazing people I know! The truest of friends! Once again I rejoice for coming to RMLBC and the goodness of the Lord, his kindness. These people have put amazing fingerprints on my heart that I will always treasure! So...the picnic is always a marker of the not so scary BIG change in our life! I don't know how to explain it...it's an anniversary for us! June 7th marks TWO YEARS at RMLBC ... oh, how I pray we are there FOREVER!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome Laken

Remember "Waiting on Laken"

Well, she made her grand entrance into the world! And wouldn't you know it! She's beautiful and precious and so so sweet!! Welcome Sweet Laken!

Laken Elizabeth
7lbs 6 oz
May 13, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Bag...

Friday after the storms Briarwood did a "Sandwich Drive" for survivors/workers and others effected by the storms! My friend Julie and I gathered our sandwich supplies Thursday and went to work Friday. I hate things like this because I'm not a leader...I'm a follower! I feel like I'm in the way without a clear task. So, it looked as though we were gonna make sandwiches! So we hop in a line close to the front and they said...we need to write the verse on these bags! I love to write and it would get me out of the hussle and bussle of the assembly line. So, I spoke up! Let me and Julie write! Not sure Julie was too happy about me volunteering her - but we had a great time!

We wrote Ps. 9:9 "The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble." on (I would say hundreds) a lot of bags! That was our job. Needless to say, we memorized it! I loved it! And then today I was reading Briarwood's weekly and I saw my bag in the hands of a victim or worker of the storms and my heart was so happy - I was hoping they would see the verse and not just the food.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to serve you in the midst of such a terrible tragedy. And thank you for allowing me to see the finished product! Your love and your words are the only ones that comfort! You are a GREAT God - please be so real to those affected by the storms! Shine YOUR light into the lives of those who lost everything! Be their everything!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Happy Mother's Day!

I love Mother's Day and my family is AWESOME! First of all my mom TOTALLY ROCKS! And her mom rocks, and her mom rocked! Silena and I took my mom (with the help of $$dad$$) out to Petrucelli's and a Movie (Water for Elephants). We had a great dinner with lots of laughs and the movie was pretty intense but afterwards we laughed some more - to the point we had to find a bathroom or there was gonna be an accident! I just love nights like that when you go to bed with a smile on your face ... loving so much and feeling loved in return! We had so much fun and hopefully that just won't happen on special occasions - with summer coming (it's just around the corner!!!YAY) - HOPEFULLY we can do more outings!! So that was me celebrating my mom.

Sunday the kids celebrated me! I love to worship with our faith family so the fact that Mother's Day is on a Sunday is a great gift in and of itself! Then after church the kids gave me a picture/card holder that hangs on the wall. It's so neat because I've really wanted one of these for 2 years. Like I've looked them up the last 2 Christmas's because we never had a good place to put all the pictures and cards we get...which I love and want to display! THANK YOU LIZ...whose responsibility it was to find the perfect "Page" gift! I LOVED IT! I just know the Lord led you right to that gift!

Then we did a short picture session - which once again turned out questionable...but I love my chaotic bunch of kids!

We were heading to lunch and gonna grab mom and dad to eat with us but when we called they had made plans for us! A cookout and swim at my brother's house! We had a blast and Noah and Anna love to play with Turner and Cole - we don't see them much so our kids really love the time they get to spend with them. Thank you so much Chad and Karyn for having us over! We had so much fun!! SO MUCH! The food was great, the company was fun, and it was so relaxing! We love y'all!

Another Great Mother's Day to remember!