Thursday, April 28, 2011


"When my world is shaking, heaven stands! When my heart is breaking, I never leave your hands! Your hands that shape the world. Are holding me, they hold me still!" jj.heller

As most of you know storms RIPPED through our town Wednesday! We woke up Wednesday to the sirens and Anna at our bedside crying and scared anxious to check the weather. It looked as though we were "safe" and then the power went off. FOR THE WHOLE DAY! We knew that storms were coming later that night so we all tried to pass the day without power by cleaning, rearranging Anna's room, playing puzzles, resting, and just trying to keep Anna calm about the upcoming storms. She is terrified of storms right now. My Mom and Dad came over for a little while and showed us the terrible damage in their neighborhood. They were actually stuck inside their neighborhood for a while. We had no idea it was that bad that morning.

My friend Julie had power and we asked her to let us know when to get in our "safe place" which she did. But Jason was going to the van listening to the radio and coming back in. His mom called to tell us it hit Tuscaloosa really hard to get in the safe place. This is a deadly storm! So we sat, waited, no noise, no nothing just green clouds and the look of a storm. We emerged from our bathroom after about 30 minutes thinking it should be over by now. And it was. We soon found out it was horrible! And we went untouched. We had one tree down across the street and I think that was from the morning storm but all around us was destruction. We've seen terrible destruction and heard heartbreaking stories - and we rejoice that we were safe.

We continue to pray for the storm victims for provision, healing, and endurance. Jason has had the privilege of helping the Pleasant Grove area and our church is doing lunches, providing supplies, and giving to the children. I love to see our church pull together for a common task. We pray the storm victims find peace and restoration. We pray they see the hands and feet of Christ as people reach out to them. Lord show them mercy!

This is my parent's neighborhood! The Lord was so merciful!!

The first picture is one Jason took in Pleasant Grove.

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Silena Cvacho said...

I am still in shock about the tornadoes! I can't believe how close we came! It really makes me count my blessings! Love ya!