Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This is probably too personal to put out in the blogisphere... but I'm doing it because I use my blog as a journal most of the time anyway. I'm an open book right!?! ha ha ha!! Get it, "page" book...Anyway, back to getting personal. Jason and I experienced "COURT" Monday - it all centered around our old house in Centerpoint. We aren't criminals - just setting the record straight! I've been thinking a lot this past week about what God is trying to teach me in everything that happens during a day after reading Laine's blog and THIS post. And I think he taught me something I've for so long been afraid of - I really think he gave me a clear picture to do away with my fear. My mom did a movie night one time with the youth girls at my church, I was probably 12 when this happened. We watched the movie "A Thief in the Night" - ever since then I've been terrified of the rapture and getting my head cut off with a guillotine. The movie is SO 80's it starts with someone's spouse being missing from the bed, bathroom water running from someone disappearing while brushing their teeth, and all those kinds of scenes. I'm pretty sure it's a progression of movies and then it was scary when the people had to hide because they didn't have the Mark of the Beast, and it ended with the believer getting their head cut off by a guillotine! SCARY!! SCARY SCARY! So, as you can probably guess...I didn't read "Left Behind" - ha! So, another thing that racks my brain is THE JUDGEMENT! So this is where I'm going with the whole court thing... I just want to get past the "END TIMES"/"JUDGEMENT" and straight to the "SUPPER OF THE LAMB" (ha - the party!) It was like a light went off after the whole experience. I'll start at the beginning. I had never actually met our Lawyer. But Jason had one time. He couldn't quite remember what he looked like but was pretty sure he would recognize him if he saw him. They stressed how you have to dress, what time to be there (which was like 20 mins. early). So we sit outside this little room watching and waiting and time is nearing and Jason hasn't recognized anyone and no one is looking for us either. So, it's time to go in. As far as I can see we have no lawyer. It looks easy enough to say yes and no but I got nervous, my mouth got dry, stomach in knots ...where was he?!? Then they call us up...and out steps our Lawyer (he walked right by us and Jason did not recognize him). He had done all the paperwork, it was all there, and he was there to defend us if need be. All the sudden, I felt like everything was going to be ok! And it was! And then it hit me. All these years of being afraid to stand before God alone - sin exposed. BUT, we have a lawyer, that has done the paperwork, that is there to defend us when the questions come and answer for us! It's CHRIST! He is our comfort! He is our DEFENDER! He is our HOPE of ETERNAL GLORY! And my heart is at peace. I can be judged with Christ on my side, as my lawyer! I do hate the mess we just went through but Lord, if it were for that lesson - I couldn't be more happy to learn it! Thank you Lord for teaching me in the everyday things! Thanks for your love and your blood that covers all our wrong! Thank you for paying the price for my sin, thank you for rising again, not only proving who you are but offering your accusers SALVATION!! It's a love unfathomable. Thank you Jesus!!

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