Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break

Wednesday we took all these friends to the zoo! The zoo is not my favorite place - I hate being hot (which was not an issue this day), I think it stinks (literally smells), it's a lot of work keeping up with all the kids and pushing strollers, and for all of us to go it's pretty expensive. So expensive in fact that we had to buy a zoo pass to make it worth it to go! One more time at the zoo and it's paid for. So this year - the Dollars will be going to the zoo! But what makes the zoo SO fun is FRIENDS! And the more friends you have the more adventurous it gets! For example... see the picture below!

Notice in the picture there is a little green Lizard, Woody, and Noah! Well, that was the last time those 3 were seen together! The Lizard found a new home at the zoo...He wanted to live in a safe environment where he would be fed and protected from the other WILD animals. Woody and Noah both got lost but we recovered them fairly quickly! Really, Noah did get lost and it was sad. He stopped for water and we all kept moving on. He said, "I read in a book that if you get separated from your family stay where you are and they will find you." I thought for sure he would be making it worse "looking for us" but he stayed where he was and Jason found him. He was crying and scared! SAD! But he stayed right with us the rest of the way. We really did have a great day - but it was tiring! We all went out for ice cream after the zoo, went home for a quick rest and had potluck that night at church where we all compared pictures and put them all together.

Enjoy the pics... Our Crew...Off we go!!

This picture is so freaky to me! It looks like Morgan is in the glass!! Props to whoever took it! (I can hear Shea now saying..."I took that!")

Pretty sure they aren't supposed to be doing that! Poor fish! Look how far Noah's hand is in that water!! Really?!?


This is "US" with 5 kids!

This is probably the "Where the heck is Noah?" face!

Told ya it stinks!!

Moms, we are over it! Liz is sick of strolling my kid around for sure! Just's good exercise we burned some calories!

See more pictures here!

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