Thursday, March 10, 2011

Root Canal - YIKES!!

So the dreaded day had arrived! The day I'm scheduled to have a root canal. The Lord sure knew what he was doing when he put my friend Shea (our hygienist) in my life. She was so sweet to me. I was supposed to go to an endodontist and get this root canal done LAST YEAR...but I was scared. So, she had Dr. Merrill do it for me! It took longer but she was there to hold my hand and reassure me I was going to be fine. She also made fun of me and took incriminating pictures, but our friendship is all the more stronger! Oh, the fun of a dentist office!

She hooked me up to the gas. And I thought, this is not gonna work! But oh...IT DID! That stuff was amazing! All my cares melted away with the rest of my body into the dentist chair! I lowered my sleep mask and checked out!

Thanks friends for making my root canal a day to remember FOREVER!

This is the "It's not gonna work face"

This is the "Oh, yea is working!"

This is dentist "HUMOR" I suppose! They think they are soooo funny! Well, they really are funny!

Ready for business: Comfy socks (check) Sleep Mask (check) and I'm checking OUT!

The gas line blew so they had to finish up without it! But I was so relaxed I didn't care! Just don't make me come back to finish!

I survived my root canal!

And I hope I NEVER have to get another one!!

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