Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary Baby!

I got you on my MI-ND!! Who needs Rick and Bubba to sing to us?!? I got this!!

Babe... You say I am patient with you - but YOU are more patient with me. You know this is true! You have loved me so well the past 11 years. You've given me (with the Lord's blessing, I know) 4 of the most beautiful children in the whole wide world. In my personal opinion I think we have grown so beautifully into that "one flesh" - it truly is a beautiful thing! I love being your helpmate (even though I got some work to do). I love that you are our leader but not our dictator. I love how you encourage me to pursue things you think I'm good at! I love seeing you walk through our doors. I love that you talk to me about what you have on your mind (even when some/most of it is beyond what I can think). I love just hanging out with you! I love sitting beside you. I love to fall asleep next to you and I love that you are my "alarm clock." You have taken such good care of me. My life will never ever be the same since I met you. You complete me!!

The Lord has been so good to us! I am thankful to HIM who gave me YOU! I love you, babe! You bring so much JOY to me!

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Jason Dollar said...

Girl, this is the sweetest blog post I've ever read! How did you get so sweet? Thanks for all these kind words, and thanks for being patient with me!! I did not read this until today!! How ironic!!

But I do love you deeply.