Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Casts

Anna went to have her cast taken off Thursday BUT she has to wear it for another 3 weeks! Just in time for Easter!! WHOOP! Her arm has healed very nicely and straight! YAY! BUT, it's still pretty fragile and since she's so "active" they decided the safest thing to do would be allow the bone to get stronger in the cast! If they took it off now there would be a chance of reinjury! NO THANK YOU!! So...she now has a tie-died cast! Pretty COOL - actually the coolest one yet! But she's pretty much over it! I felt so bad for her when she held back tears as they put the cast on. She was so looking forward to having her "real hand" back!

First cast went all the way up her arm and she had to wear it for two weeks!

Then came the "bears and balloons" she had to wear for 4 weeks! Thank the LORD those "bears and balloons" are GONE!! That cast was SO ugly!! And she loved it! I really think she loved that I hated it!Now, she's sportin' this one!

She's such a cutie - and a trooper! No CAST can stop her!!

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