Thursday, March 3, 2011

Animal Day

Wow - what a day! It was a dreaded day! There was a lot of work to be done. The kids were to do a report on all the different types of animals. They had to cut out pictures from magazines and write interesting facts about the animals they found. They also did some class work that included writing facts and different paragraphs about different types of animals. The binder ended up being 58 pages! Noah and I learned A LOT! And we also had to decorate the binder. I am a procrastinator and Sunday is never a good day to put off a 58 page report. SO...Noah and I decided to work on the report Friday night before it was due on Monday. We said we were gonna stay up all night until it was done. We got good and started around 7:30/8 pm and we finished COMPLETELY finished (no we have to do this or that - DONE) at 2 am. At which point we headed out to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts to celebrate our completion!

One this "Animal Day" they would read a one page report they had written the week before about any animal they choose. Noah chose the Great White Shark. All the kids were very impressive with their writings! I was so proud of all of them!

Then there was a break in which the kids had to go dress up like animals. Noah was a bear! His costume was super easy and that made me very happy! They did a program with music and skits, verses they had memorized, and again...SUPER CUTE! Noah had to tell 2 jokes in a skit so he also got to be a "joker." The hard work paid off! Then after their program we had lunch all together. And the food was really good. I brought Chickfila, and Delilah made a cake! YUM!! If that were all we would be perfectly ok but all the parents brought such good food!

Delilah's A-Mazing Cake!!

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